Our Laryngectomee Club visited the Vineyard at Tenterden, Kent, England organised by our Nursing Sister Caroline Mackenzie. At lunch later at Peggoty's Restaurant in the town, sitting at our table was her youngest daughter Katie. She spoke of her dancing ambitions, and as she smiled it was as if the sun shone. I wrote her this poem.

To Miss Katie Mackenzie


By Len A.Hynds

I saw her in that vineyard there,
that girl with the dancing dream.
Young Katie with her face so fair,
who dreamed her wondrous scheme,

of dancing on a West End stage,
some masterpiece of creation.
and make so many hearts engage,
with such beauty, with elation.

A lovely face, and so serene,
and when she smiled, and spoke,
an enchanting face could be seen,
as if her heart awoke.

We wish her well, in the years ahead,
such talent for people to know it.
My poem applauds, from afar instead,
an ancient friendly poet.

Dancer on beach