A Shooting Star

By Len A.Hynds
Shooting Star

A shooting star which sparkles white,
which trails so far across the night.
I dare not ask why it is there,
just marvel and in wonder stare.

Our head and eyes, are drawn to earth,
we rarely gaze on heavens worth,
those million stars, that fill our sky,
in galaxies above so high.

Yet some have looked, beyond our moon,
wanting to journey, all too soon,
to go beyond our atmosphere,
those astronauts, that have no fear.

Glimpsed perhaps, as a shooting star,
could it be others, from a planet far,
as they descend, a burning pyre,
their rocket ship, a raging fire.

If that be so, what creatures there,
falling as we stand and stare.
Are they the same, as you or I,
from distant planets in the sky.

Now of course, we will never know,
as dust they fall amongst our snow.
But one day, a star will land,
and offer us our cousin's hand.