This is a tribute to the Macmillan Clinical Nurse, Sue Honour, based at Canterbury Hospital. When I went down with cancer of the throat, with radio therapy having failed, and whilst in Rotary Ward of the Ashford William Harvey Hospital awaiting surgery, she paid me a visit.

I was self employed running my own small business, when struck down, and I had all the financial worries of a small business, being convinced that I would not survive the surgery in a few days time. Through Sue, Macmillan Nursing wrote me a cheque, to ease those worries, and I cannot describe the relief that I felt, as I went down for my operation.

I survived, and know of so many cancer victims suddenly struck down, who have been helped by that marvellous organisation, and nurses like Sue.

Thank you Sue, and Macmillan Nursing!


By Len A.Hynds

An angel came to me one day,
as I lay so full of gloom,
wearing a smart dark business suit,
as she came into my room.

She spoke in time, of finance,
and any worries I might have.
Of my business going under,
and the reasons why so sad.

She was a nurse, though not in blue,
and seemed to care where it mattered most.
My thoughts of days then getting few,
before I reached the post.

Sue Honour of Macmillan,
brought a brightness to my life.
Banished thoughts I had so dreadful,
of the future for my wife.

Portrait of a nurse