The illustrator and manager of my web site, Phillip Hamilton, with his wife Donna, flew to America for the birth of a grandchild, Landon, who is now the youngest of three, the others being Matthew and Dillon. This poem is for the new baby..... Much loved.

To Master Landon c/o Mum and Dad.

By Len A.Hynds
Trumpet Fanfare Trumpet Fanfare

Welcome my young friend, to the human race,
your sweet innocence is plain to see.
Life's long journey, starts at this gentle pace,
as you begin your own family tree.

Each day you will see, and slowly learn,
to recognise those around you.
see their warmth and love as each in turn,
with their eyes, show feelings true.

Every step of the way, they will guard you,
as the precious babe that you are.
Every step of the way, they will guide you,
those close, and those so afar.

And so my friend you will slowly grow,
learning so many wondrous things.
Of Astronauts and Eskimos,
of cabbages and kings.

But Landon, you will always remember,
your mother and fathers' love.
Something you will always cherish,
and why sent, from god above.