Knowing how most of our planets surface is covered by the oceans and seas, of which to be truthful we know very little, I thought about the Great White Shark the supreme fighting machine and killer of those unknown depths. Using a poet’s imagination I write this poem as if I was one of them.


By Len A.Hynds

I am the master of all I survey,
no other creature dare get in my way.
Porpoise and Dolphin, in dread cease to play,
as in my blue world, I seek out my prey.

From wave swept shore, to blue ocean deep,
in hidden grottos they scuttle and creep.
In terror and faint hope, of life to keep,
as through my blue world, in fear they all leap.

In the darkest depths, I sense those in fear,
and those that can hear me, rush to get clear,
their hunting forgotten, dreading to hear,
that in my blue world, their death is so near.

I'm sleek and deadly, as swift as the night,
the bravest ones knowing, tremble with fright.
My cold glint grey eyes, will be their last sight,
before in my blue world, they feel my strong bite.

One sparkling day, the sun above my head,
were creatures floating on wood so red,
when long shafts of steel, towards me led,
and in my blue world, my poor body bled.

I thrashed in anger, in pain and despair,
through my blood they swam, as close as they dare,
I felt them biting, laying me bare,
as in my blue world, I'm the prey that they share.

I now swim the oceans, the dye is cast,
A grey shape unseen, a thing of the past,
a ghost shark now, no longer fast,
as in my blue world, nothing can last.

The cowards, they now swim through me,
their arrogance plain to see,
but alas they cannot see me,
and in my blue world should flee.

Lord Neptune asked, and he clearly said,
"Your preference, of the next life ahead,"
"Oh, to be a creature, on that wood so red,
and be a man instead."

Great White Shark