A poem for my younger readers


By Len A.Hynds
Robin on garden pot

A dear little robin, with a breast of the brightest red,
flew into my garden, just waiting to be fed.

And the very next morning, he brought his wife to see,
and now I had two robins, singing just for me.

They then hopped around my garden, looking everywhere,
for a hidden nest for them and their babes to share.

They found a very old flower pot, hidden quite away,
and built their nest inside it, nearly all the very next day.

The lady robin sat in the nest, and the first egg she did lay,
until at last five of the best, just laying one every day.

She kept them warm both day and night,
the eggs kept from the foxes sight.

With their little heads a-bobbing, the parents did await,
whilst that little cock robin with love, looked after his mate.

Soon the eggs hatched, and there in the nest,
those chicks perfectly matched with the pinkest of breast.

Soon they had feathers, just like their mum,
whilst there in the nest and catching the sun.

But then came the day and it was so sad,
the little chicks they flew away, leaving mum and dad.

So if a Robin Redbreast, your garden he does choose,
smile, and you'll be blessed, and in life you'll never lose.