Whilst at University, I spent two years in the same class as a charming lady, Pip McReady, who I am sure is destined for great things. She told us one day of her recurring dream of her fear of Spiders, so I just had to write a poem about that. Pip went onwards and upwards, and is studying for her Masters Degree at the moment.

So this poem is dedicated to Mrs Pip McReady, a friend.......


By Len A.Hynds

In this dream I fly, up in the air,
with butterfly's wings, a beauty so rare.
The scent of flowers, drawing me near,
to the pollen so sweet, I unerringly steer.

This is then my recurring dream,
the lovely garden, the gentle stream.
The sun is shining and the sky so blue,
this dream I'm in, and it's all so new.

I just love being a butterfly,
such sights I see as I flutter by.
Such freedom we have upon the wing,
and I never knew that we could sing.

A spiderís web looms in my dream,
I cannot move, in fear I scream.
I'm trapped within that silken loom,
the monster runs to seal my doom.

Hairy fingers wrapping me,
jowls slavering at what's for tea.
Beady eyes glinting with delight.
Poor pip's on the menu, this very night!!!!

Spider in Web