By Len A.Hynds

This ancient church, this holy place,
where such as we seek gods good grace.
Over the centuries, many stood here,
seeking his blessing, and knowing him near.

For a thousand years, on this hallowed ground,
blessings were given, and many have found,
that marriage vows, so ardently made,
with his blessings, so rarely fade.

Shakespeare was here, on this very spot.
Bunyan and Defoe, there were such a lot.
Livingstone and Frobisher, to name but a few.
Prince Rupert and Cromwell, they worshipped here too.

At this altar they knelt, their loved ones beside,
and gods hand they felt, as they received it with pride.
Now it is my brother, and my new sister too,
receiving their blessings, as their vows they renew.

We are here in this church, this church of St Giles,
to witness their blessing, their happiness with smiles.
We wish them well in the years ahead,
remembering this day, when their blessing was said.

St Giles Church