By Len A.Hynds

Each day I think, of those days gone by,
when I cruised the sea neath a radiant sky,
aboard the 'Pelican' the love of my life,
with young Len and Nicholas and Tilly my wife.

My 'Pelican' was such a beautiful cruiser,
Its speed as such, there were many a loser.
Thirty feet long, with four berths below,
either plane-ing along, or cruising quite slow.

Never once did that boat, ever let me down,
in those sudden storms, that cause a frown.
All battened down, with me at the wheel,
bows under water I frequently feel.

She emerged each time, shaking her head,
As we kept on, forging ahead.
Echo sounder watched, for the depth below,
for sandbanks or rocks, all in a row,

Quick glances at the compass, when visibility low,
and at the timepiece, for that channel to go.
Knowing when to turn when nearing the land,
It's all up to god and your life in his hand.

To enter a safe inlet, and the anchor is dropped,
Tilly starts dinner as the engine is stopped.

The Cruiser Pelican