Sydney Norgate was a typical Yorkshire businessman, a straightforward, honest person, loved dearly by his family, who developed cancer of the throat. He survived the operations, but was left as a laryngectomee, a very little known condition in those days, and so he set out to raise awareness of it, and he formed the very first charity association devoted to people suffering from cancer of the throat, and subsequently having to breathe through a hole in the neck.

When Sydney passed on, his three daughters as trustees carried it on, and they have worked tirelessly in his memory, and today the Cancer Laryngectomee Trust whose headquarters are still in Halifax, Yorkshire, are known and respected through-out the world. This is my dedication to those three daughters.


By Len A.Hynds

For such a love, great deeds are done,
for such a love they act as one.

Dad's memory is always near,
to family, his guidance clear.

His Cancer Laryngectomee Trust,
to those three girls, he did entrust,

little knowing what heights they'd reach,
whilst taking on the world to teach,

about neck breathers, silent now.
To him they made that promised vow.

For such a love, great deeds are done.
Let us thank them, everyone.