The Web Whispers Organisation in America, that I write a monthly column for, invite Laryngectomees from all over the world to submit a true story, the theme being different every month. They call it the ' Speaking Out ' column.

This month (The second), the theme was, what is called in America the Bucket List, or of things you would like to do before you apparently 'kick the bucket.' This was my entry for the month of July 2011.


By Len A.Hynds
Healer laying hands on suffers

I wait in contemplation,
for that special gift I know,
to remove that pain and anguish,
from that child whose spirits low.

Then quite in a flash, I feel,
that trembling energy flow
and I know the time is near,
when my hands deal the final blow.

I can see her troubled soul,
her fighting with pain so deep,
and then my hands reach out to touch,
my gift for her to keep.

I see this girls shocking pain,
I hear those heartfelt sighs,
and know that my touch will bring back,
such a smile to her young eyes.

And deep in my heart I feel,
the sad blackness of her pain,
but my hands make it all rush out,
to make her whole again.

I sit and smile in silence,
as she runs and skips away,
as I now have her wretched pain,
giving her freedom to laugh and play.

Then slowly the pain is gone,
I'm pleased its passing swift.
To give new life, where once no hope
is so marvellous, this gift.

Silhouette of girl running