A nonsense poem about the life of a flame. Watching a candle flame dancing in the wind prompted me to write this poem.


By Len A.Hynds
Candle Flame Blowing In The Wind

You humans think, we are a simple flame,
to light and extinguish at will.
How little you know of nature’s great game,
and our power to frighten or thrill.

Each one of us has a mind of its own,
a burning, devouring thing.
from a simple match, to a forest grown,
such waste to the land we bring.

Have you noticed our greed, as we eat all you give,
dry wood such natural food,
but high octane makes us really live,
and you humans we now include.

It started off, many years ago,
with fireballs straight from space,
then our mother flame, did volcano’s show,
and great forests, did our fires embrace.

Vast deserts, we have created,
our destruction plain to see.
so many of you, we’ve cremated,
always done with a certain glee.

We are living things, please remember friend.
we are here the same as you.
treat us kindly, and your care extend,
and with warmth, we will always be true.

But we fear the most, that rain on high,
those clouds, with malicious frown.
as they send down from that leaden sky,
enough water to make us drown.