I dedicate this poem to two ladies, our Laryngectomee Club Speech Therapist, Sarah Stevens who has friends in high places in the Canterbury Cathedral Choristers Society, who would like to see us laryngectomees form a choir, and our club chair-person, Nursing Sister Caroline Mackenzie, who can twist all of us round her little finger to prove that we have beautiful singing voices?


By Len A.Hynds

Oh such confidence they give us,
"There is nothing you cannot do,
aim real high, with so little fuss,
then watch it all come true,"

So we formed the 'Larrys' Male Voice Choir,
although each octave we sang was flat,
To the Albert Hall we did aspire,
and we had the words off pat.

Alas, only one song seemed to suit,
and that wouldn't take us far.
But of course we don't give a hoot,
it was ' Born under a wan'dring star.'

When you consider, that's perfectly true,
we Larrys do aim for the stars.
It's those ladies fault, when they give hope anew,
saying, " Ignore the stoma and scars."

Just a light-hearted one ladies!