Royal Crown

A reporter on Television stated that on interviewing Princess Catherine the Duchess Of Cambridge, prior to her giving birth to her first child, she had said she would like a son, whereas Prince William would sooner have a daughter. I thought that the interview was completely unlikely, and he had made this up, but never-the-less I wrote this poem, granting her wish. Liking it, I posted it off to her at Buckingham Palace, fully expecting to be carried of to the tower, and was pleasantly surprised when she wrote me, saying she loved it. I was so relieved when Prince George was born a few months later. This one is framed in his nursery, a future King!


By Len A.Hynds

Welcome young Prince, to the human race,
your sweet innocence, plain to see.
Life's long journey, starts at this gentle pace,
as you begin your own family tree.

Each day you will see, and slowly learn,
to recognise those around you.
See their warmth and love, as each in turn,
with their eyes, show their feelings true.

And so young Prince, you will slowly grow,
learning so many wondrous things.
Of Astronauts and Eskimos,
of Cabbages and Kings.

But babe you will always remember,
your mother and father's love.
Something you will always cherish,
and why sent from god above.