It was in the year 2008, and having been married for sixty years we had received the much coveted letter from the Queen congratulating us on this achievement, when at breakfast one day I was confronted with a large envelope next to my plate, and realised that I had forgotten that it was Valentines Day.


By Len A.Hynds

My dear, if I could only tell you,
those words of love I want to say,
but my throat alas, it will not do,
read the message in my eyes, I pray.

My thoughts for you, frustrate me so,
the fondest feelings, that you can see.
I pray that always, my eyes will show,
that love for you, from silent me.

How can I speak of love, with no soft voice.
How can I tell you, how my heart yearns.
I must love from afar, I have no choice,
but with a devotion, that fiercly burns.

I cannot speak, of my hearts desire,
just look in my eyes, so full of fire.