This is a Shakespearian Love-type Sonnet of 14 lines, with a rhyme pattern of A-B-A-B, C-D-C-D, E-F-E-F, GG as I think he would have written it, but have modernised the words.


By Len A.Hynds

Your vision haunts every waking hour,
I cannot forget your lovely face.
Your pale blue eyes, with such mystic power,
make my poor heart beat such a pulsing race.

Your soft smooth skin, that I dream to touch.
Your perfect lips, that I oft dream to kiss.
Your tumbling golden hair, I love so much.
Your angel elfin face, I do so miss.

I dream fantastic thoughts of passion.
In my arms, I can feel your soft warm breast,
pressed against me in a loving fashion,
as our lips and hearts together are pressed.

So long as I can have dreams of thee,
my love sweetheart will always be.

Woman in Man's arms