Tenterden. Week1,Sept 2010

Homework…Second Choice,,,,, “ WITCHCRAFT “ Poem 114 words.


By Len A.Hynds

To be the only, man in class,
is off-putting , to say the least,
and when those workshops, came to pass,
I surely was the feast.

I saw long whiskers, sprout from chins,
and heard shrieks of fiendish delight.
Noses lengthened, with a greenish tinge,
it was such, a horrible sight.

They chanted, about the eye of toad,
or a snakes intestines, fried,
whilst around the class, they rode,
on their broomsticks, evil glide.

Each one of them, with tall black hats,
green eyes, and sardonic sneer,
escorted by, those vampire bats,
I quickly froze in fear.

Their cruel words, spat out with spite,
fill the class with greenish laughter,
and as they close, giving such fright,
I dread at what comes after!

Witches Brewing