I took my wife Tilly shopping in the local precinct today, and we stopped for tea at the "Muffin Break" I don't have to speak as all the girls know my order, see us approaching and have it ready. Served today by one of the East European girls with the unpronounceable name of AGNIESZKA. She told me that she is expecting her first baby next month. She lives with her partner, an English chap, and they are both over the moon at her pregnancy. She told me it was a girl, and they had already chosen the name of Lily. She was so exited at the prospect of becoming a mum, that as I sipped my drink, I composed this poem for her.


By Len A.Hynds
Baby and Mother

Love has many faces and forms,
it's the strongest emotion we share.
Growing always throughout life's storms,
freely given, to show that we care.

Now a sweet babe is about to be born.
Your un-conditional love, you'll give.
A mother, from your child’s first dawn,
giving love as long as you live.

My best wishes to Miss Lily and her mum.