By Len A.Hynds
Picture of Tilly Len in Army Uniform

Welcome to Tillyís garden,
sit and rest a-while,
a place of peace and quiet,
along lifeís mile.

Frequently I think of her,
such sadness fills my heart,
when on that most, blackest day,
we cruelly had to part.

Minutes seemed like hours,
when I had her here,
but now that I am quite alone,
each minute seems a year.

Does she visit whilst Iím asleep,
as Iím told she might.
Maybe thatís why I wake up,
so often in the night.

And does she visit her garden,
each flower just for her.
Many favourites I remember,
blue delphinium and larkspur.

And the water features,
do they please her so,
and of course the double swing,
around which roses grow.

So with all my memories,
we will never be apart.
There is a special place for her,
in the garden of my heart