I dedicate this poem to Janet Cameron MA., noted Author and Poet, and who was the editor of a writer's magazine that first published my work. When I attended University Janet was my tutor and lecturer on Creative Writing and Poetry, and we became good friends.

During one of her courses I received valuable advice from fellow students at a workshop, who were all ladies on that occasion, and I was mischievously unkind later in writing a series of Haikus making oblique references to a witches coven and whiskers sprouting out of chins, as they laughed gleefully with shrieks of delight, I wrote this poem to make amends.....

Written in three line Stanzas with a repetition rhyme pattern of A - B - A


By Len A.Hynds

Caress me not, for you are just too kind,
with flattering words, to brighten-up my eyes,
I'm beyond redemption, how can you find,

such lovely words, to ease my troubled mind,
like honeyed balm, soothing my restless sighs,
caress me not, for you are just too kind.

Our writings caused a friendship so entwined,
in syllables and stresses, lows and highs,
as I strive to be writing so refined.

I value those words, which are enshrined,
in my heart and mind, I tell you no lies,
caress me not, for you are just too kind.

Will you please forgive me, what I wrote so blind,
such as the eye of toad, the squash of flies,
a poem that I should never have signed.

That last tercet, oh so carefully timed,
came to the rescue, like a well earned prize,
caress me not, for you are just too kind.

Witches Coven