After my three cancer operations, Tilly took me into the ancient church of
St Mary’s, to give thanks, saying, “He answered my prayers, and gave you
back to me for a few more years.” After she died I went again into St Mary’s
and sat alone and whilst there wrote this poem.


By Len A.Hynds
Footprint on a heart drawn in the sand

I listen for your footfalls in my heart,
since sadly my love, we had to part.

Oh, how could you leave me, so alone,
tear-ful, unhappy, and so on my own.

I listen for your laughter, day by day,
hop-ing to hear it, and fervently pray,

that one day I will hold you, close once more,
and talk with my old voice, of that I am sure.

I listen for your love, that filled my life,
from bygone days, when first my wife.

Oh what joys we’ve shared, one with another,
my children just had the perfect mother,

I came to St Mary’s, thinking of you,
silently sitting alone in this pew.

The cherubs and angels, all smile their part,
as your footfalls I hear, coming back to my heart.