By Len A.Hynds

He totally ignores me and I am sure that on many days he pretends that I do not exist. I often speak to him, and I can tell that he has heard me, but he refuses to answer, as he half closes his eyes and pushes past me.

I just hate this man, knowing him to be such an evil person, but for many reasons I cannot leave this house, but in a strange way I get a pleasure in reminding him of his dreadful actions, and just by being there, my very presence I am sure is slowly making his mind unbalanced. Ghost of young girl looking over banister

I would dearly love him to show remorse, and to apologise for the things he did, and maybe one day he will break down and cry.

It must have been about noon today, when the door bell rang, and he opened the door. The man who stood there, after ascertaining he was speaking to the occupier, said, “I am Detective Inspector Collins of the Jersey Force,“ showing his warrant card. “I must come in to talk to you.” He came into the passage looking up and seeing me listening leaning over the banisters on the floor above.

They went into the front room, and I could still hear them talking. The Inspector said, “This is a very serious matter I have to talk to you about, so I must caution you that you are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so, but anything thing you say will be taken down in writing, and may be given in evidence, if you are to be charged.”

After a silence, the Inspector continued, “The Orphanage on the other side of the green, which you can just see from outside, was your employer for a number of years. You were a house father, and looked after a number of children.” Another quite long silence when I could not hear his answer. The policeman continued, “Eight of those children have made written statements that you on several occasions did sexually assault them.” After another whispered answer, “You were also in charge of a young girl named Julie Watts, and I have read your report, that you saw her escaping through a window, after she had committed some misdemeanour, but you were unable to catch her.”

“I have to tell you that Julie Watts decomposed body has been found beneath the basement floor, and you are to be arrested for her murder. Have you anything to say?”

The old man pulled the policeman by the arm into the passage, pointing his shaking hand upwards towards me. “She hasn’t left me for all these years, I’m slowly going mad.” The Inspector looked up but now couldn’t see me, with a smile of happiness on my face.