By Len A.Hynds

Harry realised that John was sitting beside him, looking so worried, and holding his hand, the son he had not seen for over a year, after that terrible row. Harry thought, “I’m still alive, I’ve made it.” Tears came into his eyes as he looked at his son, and gently squeezed his hand. John looked startled on seeing his father smiling at him. John bent down to kiss his father’s hand, saying, “Thank god,” his voice full of emotion.

“How long have you been here son?”
“All the time dad.”
“But how did you know”
“The hospital told me.”
“I don’t know how they did it, but so pleased they did. I thought it was the end, when they told me that both kidneys had failed. I knew I only had a few days, but a miracle happened, they found a person here in the hospital compatible, who was willing to donate one of his.”

“Do you know who he is dad?”
“I’ve met him twice, just after they discovered we were a match, and then when he was on another trolley beside me before we were wheeled in to different theatres. I managed to hold his hand and say thanks. A fine young man a male nurse at this hospital. Find out if he’s alright John, I owe that young man my life.”
“He’s fine dad, and has been recovering much quicker than you.”
“I’d like to see a lot more of that young man.”
“You will I hope dad, he’s the person we argued about. He’s my partner.”

Men holding hands