By Len A.Hynds

My training had been hard and long, and to be given this task, that of selling my product to this particular man gave me many sleepless nights, as although I had never met him, I had read about him, and as he was leaving in the morning, he said he was happy to see me the evening before.

That late evening meeting lasted long into the night, and I tried desperately hard to convince him, but I felt he was laughing at me, as he kept ordering coffee, and didn't seem a bit worried about not getting any sleep.

I was on the point of giving up the ghost, when he seemed to sense how I felt, and by what he said, I thought I had sold him on the product, but by dawn I had this feeling that he was stringing me along, just to keep my company.

He had an early breakfast, and offered me his orange juice, he had previously arranged it, and I was amazed at such a huge meal.

With all those drinks, I had to excuse myself and left the room. Outside sitting at a desk were two prison officers. They looked up and one said, "It's been a long night vicar. How is he? Will you be with him on his walk to the scaffold"?