By Len A.Hynds

It was the same every morning. I know that as soon as he walks into the office, and says good morning to me, my heart will beat faster, as if I had run up those stairs from the street below. I can hear his footsteps. The door is opening. I feel such joy at seeing him again. Was it only yesterday that we wished each other goodnight upon leaving the office,

"Morning Pam" The same words, but how sweet my name sounds when spoken by him, "Morning Sir," making my voice as sultry as I can, but with my eyes screaming out silently to him, "I love you - I love you, "He passes by and goes into his office, leaving a tantalising smell of aftershave by my desk. I automatically lean towards it with my eyes closed, visualising in that moment being embraced by him, and being kissed passionately by those lips which are so perfect. I tremble at the thought of being held in his arms, those strong arms.

I make the tea, and cannot wait for the sheer pleasure of standing beside him. I put his cup down on the desk, putting his teaspoonful of sugar in, and very slowly stirring it. He is so very close to me. My stomach is inches from his face. Oh! It would take but a second for him to turn sideways, put his arm around my waist, and kiss my bare mid-riff. I put it before him every morning. Surely he must see it. He must be longing to take me in his arms and make passionate love. I want to touch him, to stroke his face, his hair. I have somehow got to tell him how I feel. He is so terribly shy. I must summon up the courage to tell him. He must be told. I must somehow make it easier for him. I can barely breathe at his closeness.

I finish stirring, not looking at the cup, only the top of his head.

"Thank-you Pam," then after a pause, he looks directly into my eyes.

"I've been meaning to ask you something Pam. You might think it a bit of a cheek," said with that boyish smile that captivates me. "Would you go to the County Ball with me?"

I must be dreaming!

"You could wear that red dress that you wore for the staff Christmas party. You looked fabulous in that." God! He had noticed me after all. I couldn't speak and just nodded. I couldn't help trembling as my knee brushed against his leg, as I recovered the sugar bowl from the desk.

"You see Pam, quite a lot of our clients will be there, and the next favour I need to ask is, will you pretend to be my wife for the night."

God! It is all happening so quickly. I turn slightly, to assist him if he wants to pull me onto his lap. I feel his hand touching my arm. It's like an electric current passing between us.

He suddenly looked very serious and said, "I think I should explain Pam. I have a confession to make. Last year we were in danger of losing our biggest contract, and I was forced to have an affair with the wife of that particular client, he being abroad at the time. She gave me no option Pam and I couldn't bear the thought of the business folding."

Annoyed woman cartoon My heart goes out to him. What a wonderful man to sacrifice himself like that for his staff. He went on, "Something happened a few weeks ago Pam, and I told the lady it had to stop. She got angry Pam and threatened to expose me. If she thinks you are my wife, she will tell you in great detail of my misdeeds. You’re an absolute brick to do this for me Pam.

Just think, what would have happened, if I had taken the wife!”