The requirement in this story is to create characters by dialogue, as seen by a second person, that second person being preferably a child, who observes the dialogue, and who also relates the background to the story.


By Len A.Hynds

"I am now 14, and I am forced to live with him. I simply hate him, and cannot wait for that day when I will escape from his presence and this house."

"He knows that I hate him, and he never speaks, but he knows what I feel when he catches me just staring at him with my eyes, knowing how he has ruined my young life. I was a happy laughing young girl once, until he abused me, and I had no idea what he was doing, and it happened so many times. But then I rebelled against his sexual assaults, and told him that I was going to complain, and from that moment on he left me alone, just looking at me with guilt in his eyes"

"It was just this morning, when I heard the door- bell ring, and looking over the banisters I saw him open the door, to see two strange men standing there. I heard him say,".......

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Good morning, is it Mr Oldham?"

"I could tell by the way he shuffled his feet that he was feeling uncomfortable, as he nodded his head."

"I am Detective Inspector Moore of Penzance station, and I have been brought over from the mainland by my Detective Sergeant Trigg, of your St Helier station, to deal with a certain matter that he has in hand."

"My heart leapt, as I thought, who has complained, is justice going to be done at last?"

" 'You had both better come in,' he said, and as he turned I could see that his face had gone deathly white."

"As he passed beneath me he looked up and I could see fear in his accusing eyes,"

"In the front room, I heard the policeman say,"

"You are the Basil Oldham who was a house father at the children's orphanage in Compton Street, up until your retirement?
"He nodded."

"Then I must caution you, that you need not say anything, unless you wish to do so, but anything you do say will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence. Do you understand that?"

"He looked even whiter as the blood drained from his face, and just nodded again, apparently being too choked with fear to say anything."

"Allegations have been made against you, by children you were supposed to care for, and we have sufficient evidence for you to be charged with offences against four children, those children having now reached adulthood. Is there anything you want to say?"

"He sat with his head in his hands, and shook his head in despair."

"There was another young girl, who apparently run away, because you apparently abused her as well, her name being Lily Smith."

"I couldn’t believe it when he nodded in agreement."

"The trouble is Mr Oldham, that child was murdered and buried in the cellar, and we have recovered her body. All the evidence points to you having done it."

"Tears sprung to his eyes, as he let out a loud sigh and nodded his head."

"And who was the young girl on the landing when we came in?"

"That was Lily Smith's ghost, she has never left me."