By Len A.Hynds

I had one of the newest police cars to patrol in, a Wolseley 6/99, a streamlined car, as I handed in the old square-backed Wolseley 16, which had served so well as Lucy 6. We could now well exceed the 100 mph, and were a match for most cars. Sadly they had changed the call sign to Lima 6, and I felt we had lost something personal in that change over. But 6L for Lima soon proved herself, as daily we were involved in at least one car chase. Wolsley Police Car

One quiet night whilst sitting at New Cross, watching the cars coming into London from Kent, information room were informing us all about a car chase in the County of Surrey in the area of Guildford. Apparently three armed men in a high powered car had broken into a stockbrokerís home, stolen cash, jewellery and had beaten the elderly couple with revolver butts. To my mind that eliminated them from any compassion when arrested. I was interested but, not only was it out of my sub-division, but also my division, my district and even my force.

One young PC in Surrey was on their tail, but he was completely alone, and as other Surrey cars tried to assist him, they either werenít fast enough, or one had gone into a ditch, and another couldnít make a bend and gone into a field.

It was obvious the villains were from London as they kept trying to head north, and it was no surprise to my crew, when I started driving towards my boundary in the opposite direction. We couldnít hear the young PC pursuing as Surrey cars were on different wavelength but the yard kept us all informed of the position.

I got to my boundary and crossed over and at the boundary of my division with V division, I saw four cars of L division parked up hoping it would come their way. I previously had dealings with the cars on V Division, those PCs we would laughingly call gentlemen, as ours was the rough part of London, I think they regarded us as hooligans. They had such a refined area, such as Richmond.

Waving to my colleagues on the other L division cars, I shot across onto V Division, knowing that all the V cars would be at their boundary on the Kingston By Pass. I went past them like a dose of salts, flat out, as we heard that the young solitary PC was slowly falling behind.

I travelled a fair distance down into Surrey, when I saw the bandit carís headlamps coming over a hill. I turned and was travelling at about 80.mph when he passed me on the nearside. I tucked in behind him and we travelled towards London at about 100mph. There was no sign of the Surrey car behind me.

My wireless operator asked about giving a commentary, as we were a million miles from our patrol, and I told him to, but not give our call sign, even if asked for it. Passing the gentlemen of V Division at great speed, (they still had no idea who we were) caused us to laugh.

I waited for him to get onto L Division, before I forced him between two trees onto Clapham Common, and forced him to stop. We arrested all three men, now surrounded by so many police cars, the L Division drivers laughing, but the Gentlemen angry that it was the dreaded 6L that had done it. We kept the prisoners there until that young PC from Surrey arrived, having got himself lost in London.

I gave him all three prisoners, as he had pursued them for so long. We crept back onto our sub-division, without the powers that be any the wiser.