Some examples of Len's published works are:

Poetic FantasyForward Press LtdPoemMy Nurse9.95
Twisting FateForward Press LtdShort StoryA Hidden Strength9.95
Eastern England Poets 2008Union Press LtdPoemHealing Hands14.99
Eastern England Poets 2008Union Press LtdPoemThe Dangerous Bath Seat19.99
Broaden Your HorizonsUnion Press LtdPoemThe Terror Of A Child14.99
Loves Many MysteriesPoetry Now Ltd.PoemThe Vision14.99
Loves Many MysteriesPoetry Now Ltd.PoemThe Unspoken Word14.99
The Midlands & East EnglandForward Poetry Ltd.PoemA Song Of The Sea19.99
South & East England PoetsForward Poetry Ltd.PoemA Song Of The Sea24.95
A Collection Of PoetryForward Poetry Ltd.PoemA Warrior Race19.99
A Collection Of PoetryForward Poetry Ltd.PoemA Celestrial Plan19.99
Diamond Jubilee PoetryForward Poetry Ltd.PoemA Gracious Queen19.99
Values or ViceForward Poetry Ltd.PoemThe Inspection19.99
Larylife MagazinePlaton Medical Ltd.ArticleFour Page Article About LenFree
Senior Moments MagazineForward Poetry Ltd.PoemHealing HandsAnnual Subscription
Larylife MagazinePlaton Medical Ltd.ArticleRegular Quarterly Column, For 2 YearsFree
The Voice MagazineCountrywide Supplies Ltd.Poems & StoriesQuite Frequent Submissions
The Clan MagazineNational Associtaton Of Laryngectomee ClubsPoemsQuite Frequent Submissions
The Lifestyle MagazineMotability LifestyleArticleOccassional SubmissionsFree
NewsletterThe Cancer Laryngectomee TrustPoemsQuite Frequent Submissions
Age Concern NewsletterAge Concern (Ashford, Kent)PoemsTribute To Founder In Anniversary Book
NewletterLets Face It Cancer GroupPoemsOccasional Submissions
NewletterCancer Care GroupPoemsOccasional Submissions
NewletterTalk Back - New South Wales, AustraliaPoemsFrequent SubmissionsFree
Fear ItselfForward Poetry Ltd.PoemsA Thief Called Time19.95
Aspects Of LoveForward Poetry Ltd.PoemsWeep No More19.95
The Battle Of WaterlooTavistock FestivalPoemsThe Ghouls Of Waterloo15.00
NewsletterPilgrimPoem / Sort StoryMonthlyFree
Body, Mind and Spirit
Darkest Before DawnForward Poetry Ltd.PoemsThe Sweetwater Canal12.99
Candlelit ThoughtsForward Poetry Ltd.PoemsThe Terror Of A Child12.99

If you would like to contact Len then please email him at: