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Dear visitor please allow me to explain the reason for this web site. I had become disabled in 1994, at the age of 64, having my Aortic Heart Valve replaced with a metallic one, at Guys hospital in London, where they also carried out a by-pass, and fitted a pacemaker, I continued running my own business of supplying the car trade with replacement parts for a further ten years, until in 2004 I developed cancer of the throat.

During those intervening ten years, I had several operations to various parts, and slowly but surely bits were replaced, until I could tell people jokingly, that there was very little left of the original me.

After three cancer operations, the cancer was removed, but also alas were my vocal cords, leaving me to a life of silence

During the whole of this difficult time, the National Health Service with all those doctors, nurses and technicians looking after me, the expertise and their unfailing kindness was magnificent.

So I could only communicate by writing, and went to college to enhance that writing. I was encouraged to go on to university, a daunting prospect as I had left school at the age of 12, but I did so, and at the age of 77 graduated in Creative Writing, Writing For Stage And Screen and Poetry. I then had further operations, and a valve inserted into my Trachea, and I was able to make sound again. I soon learnt to convert that into human speech, however robotic. So a new life and career opened up for me,

So this web site has a dual function, for people that have survived throat cancer, and for those that it has just been diagnosed, to demonstrate that cancer is not the end of the world. It can be overcome.

So I want to give something back, and what better way, than to give practical help and encouragement to my fellow and potential Laryngectomees. Through my writings I have already raised enough to purchase three electro-larynx machines, for those people where a valve could not be fitted. These are the poor unfortunates who would never speak again, without some form of artificial aid.

In many countries, no help is given by governments at all, and many who survive cancer of the throat, are sentenced to a life of silence. In other countries only the very basic help is given, and in others it is up to the individual to take out insurance to obtain aids in order for them to make sound and speech once again.

So my friend, if my writings of poetry, or short stories give you any pleasure, I would ask that you send a small donation to a throat cancer charity of your choice in whatever country you live in. These are the people who do such valuable work for throat cancer victims in particular. Based in America are Web Whispers for example, with Laryngectomees India in that continent, Talk Back in Australia, The International War Verterans Poetry Archive, IWVPA, also based in Australia and in my own England, The Cancer Laryngectomee Trust, The MacMillan Trust, The National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs, and my own club in East Kent, The Ashford Laryngectomee Club.

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